Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Velveteen Rabbit

Here is a double page spread I have just done(well....in the past week or so!).
It started off on the left hand page following a technique shown by Leslie Herger aka Comfortable Shoes, where you use gesso, and coloured "Sharpie" Pens and journal your heart out, turning the page each time you repeat the journaling, so you build up layers. you then cover the final layer with paints. So far so good! The whole thing just took off under its own steam and turned into the "Velveteen Rabbit" a story that I have always loved
So here is the "finished product" .... would appreciate it if you give me your honest opinion.... I'm still learning.


  1. I love the passage you quoted from the Velveteen Rabbit. I think this is such a wonderful way to capture something that touches your heart and to express your inner thoughts about why you found it so touching. And by covering over some of your words, you don't have to be self conscious about what you wrote or how you wrote it. Wonderful idea!! (I've never heard of Leslie Herger. I'll have to look her up.)

  2. It's wonderful!! I love The Velveteen Rabbit; can't read it without crying.

  3. Thank you Trece..... there are so many of us who love the Velveteen Rabbit!